Mellisia Rin Brick

A nineteen-year-old woman attending college and working at a nightclub. A tomboy and fan of Japanese media. She has few friends, and her sense of entitlement doesn’t help her make many new ones.

Jill Litekia Bisset

A twenty-year-old woman attending the same college as Mellisia. Daughter of the state prosecutor. Mel’s best friend since childhood.

Tanthu (“Corporal Cuddles”)

A Kumimi trained under Tetund who eventually rose to lead the Second Ground Unit. Promoted years later to Beast of War trainer in the Light Beasts Division by Tatict. Tanthu was not able to leave the service after gendering because he lacked a trained successor.

Tetund (“Lieutenant Lee”)

Born and raised in the capitol, Tetund was mentored by vis father’s friend Usudge in military knowledge. Despite vis extra training, Tetund was not expected to advance in the ranks because ve was too reserved. However, ve was one of the few survivors of an unexpected attack, and Tetund was soon honored with a fort of vis own, surpassing Usudge’s position.

Shrict (“Sergeant Grim”)

A grizzled old hoffbub rider, Shrict mentored Tatict himself when they were both pre-gendered and Tatict was not yet of age to serve. Shrict dislikes anything that upsets the normal flow of things, and she dislikes beasts of war other than hoffbubs. She specializes in mounted combat against all beasts of war, which has allowed her to lead in patrol units, but has limited her ability to advance past her current position.

Shrust (“Mini Meek”)

Eldest child of Tatict, the leader of the local Kumimi. Shrust is expected to take over running vis father’s kingdom when ve comes of gender, so vis leadership training began well before serving age. Shrust shares vis mother’s ambition and vis father’s tendency toward glory seeking. However, ve lacks vis parents’ compassion, and ve often risks dishonoring them. Shrust’s position is not assured, and this has only aggravated vis aggressive personality.

Unritt (“Elder Gram”)

Holder of the necessary but shameful job of settling scores of honor without taking honor into account. Few Kumimi can wrap their mind around two sides willingly losing face; those who can are considered touched, and are pitied. Unritt is especially skilled, and found a job watching over Shrust, who is important enough to be treated unfairly for vis own benefit.

Umtubt (“Xack”)

Eighteenth in a long line of tuk (“xound”) handlers, Umtubt was one of seventeen survivors of an unexpected conflict, along with Tetund. Ve has turned down multiple promotions to retain vis current position. Even among the Kumimi, Umtubt possesses exceptional loyalty.

Shrind (“Teak”)

The child of a lower-class merchant, Shrind tends to keep to vimself. Vis courage and willingness to follow orders creatively caught Tanthu’s notice and gained vim his position as a light-beast trainer.

Tatict (“Lord Burly”)

Leader of the local Kumimi. Controls one major city, seven forts, and land spanning a gust-and-a-half’s travel. Tatict is father of three children. His glory seeking is limited only by his concern for his people. When all is well, he looks to excesses, bright colors, larger markings, high-quality materials, and rare animals. Well-liked and respected, he treats others fairly when he can. He has distanced himself from Shrust and forced his child to grow up quickly, as any responsible parent would. Tatict has heard of no failings in Shrust from vis mentors, which makes him proud.

Usunup (“Oafish”)

Third in a line of fort leaders. Each of her predecessors lost ground and forts under their leadership, and unrest was high when Usunup came of gender. Her ambition to correct the mistakes of her father and grandmother fuel her to the point of recklessness.

Tangic (“Don”)

An old and seasoned tuk trainer who is well-versed in ancient light-beast lore. His loyalty to Usunup extends back to battling alongside her grandparents. While his body does not reveal his age, many believe his love for beasts died long ago. However, his effectiveness is unrivaled.