Mina Kitsune began life as a child of change, moving frequently from state to state, home to home. A passionate girl, she developed an early love for the classic stories of Edgar Rice Burroughs, drawing inspiration from his tales of alien worlds. Often finding herself in new environments, Mina developed an interest in imaginative roleplaying, spinning new races and landscapes in her mind, and defining meticulous rules for how her creations worked. Impatient and full of energy, Mina earned her GED at 16, and she served a brief stint in the United States Army at 18. She married in 2009 and currently lives with her husband in central Iowa.

Rebecca Everett was born and raised in southern California. She began her love of reading and writing at an early age. When she was in 7th grade, she read every Babysitters Club book in her library, and she won an award for her writing, getting published in a local journal of children’s works. After high school, she attended San Diego Christian College, where she earned a BA in History. She has been happily married since 2011 and teaches her love of reading to her stepdaughter. When she isnt reading a fantasy novel or spending time with her family, she is playing video games. Her favorite games are RPGs and MMORPGs, though you can find her playing Solitaire and Sudoku to wind down. Her current working projects keep her busy in the Moonshards world.